The Blue Diamond DeliVita Pizza Oven Complete Bundle

All the extras. Everything you need.

30kg Oven Hand crafted in the U.K.

Stand, Cover, Brush, Pizza Peel, Pizza Cutter, Dough Scraper, Prod & Blow, Oven Door, Iron Dish, Leather Glove, Infrared Thermometer, Tester Wood Pack, Recipe Book & Vegan Dough.

Delivered directly to you door.

We aim to deliver your hand made package within 4 weeks of ordering.


The Blue Diamond DeliVita Pizza Oven Complete Bundle


The DeliVita Pizza Oven.

Can be used on any surface. Weighs under 30kg and with two heatproof handles is very portable so you can enjoy pizzas anywhere (outdoor use only).

Hand crafted in Yorkshire, England with a traditional clay interior.

Each oven measures 590 W x 650 D x 350 H. Reaching 500c in 25 mins and retaining the heat efficiently for hours.

Perfect for balconies and gardens alike.

+ 5 YEAR GUARANTEE on construction and workmanship..

Included in the price each oven and bundle is delivered by personal carriage to ensure safe handling to your door plus all packaging removed.


Along with the award winning oven this offer also includes.

All WEATHER COVER. Although the fiberglass and stainless steel oven will resist rust this all weather cover will help keep it pristine.

OVEN BRUSH. Handmade oven brush to keep the base clean.

12″ PIZZA PEEL. Pizza shovel to help you move the pizza in and out of the oven.

PIZZA CUTTER. Cut those fresh hot pizzas into slices.

DOUGH SCRAPPER. To help craft and divide your proofed dough.

PROD & BLOW. Metal prodder to help manage the burn in the wood filled oven.

OVEN DOOR. Stainless steel oven door will transform your wood filled oven allowing you to smoke, roast & bake more than just pizza’s.

IRON DISH. To use when your not making pizza’s.

LEATHER GLOSE. Hand made from Italian buffalo leather.

OVEN STAND. Fold away for handy storage. No need to build a base and can be taken and put up anywhere.

INFRARED GUN. Digital thermometer. Non contact temperature gun. Recommended to use with your pizza oven.



ORGANIC VEGAN DOUGH. To get you started.

Everything you need ……. THE COMPLETE PACKAGE.



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