Sunglasses Squeaky Rubber Duck – Schnabels

Squeaky Duck with Sunglasses by Schnabels.


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Sunglasses Squeaky Rubber Duck – Schnabels


Sometimes all you have to do is put on a pair of sunglasses and swear, you can be anything – with this duck it is also the case! The sunglasses give our duck a pretty cool look. Is she a secret agent on a highly confidential and extra-secret mission? Does she just keep your eyes out of the sun? Or is she the coolest duck in the whole tub? You can decide this spontaneously for every bathing experience.

Measures Approximately: Length 8cm x Width 7.5cm x Height 7cm

Approximate Weight 47g

Squeaking function
´╗┐Produces a squeaky noise when squeezing.

NB Limited floating ability
These ducks have limited floating properties and can tip over under certain circumstances due to their shape. Ducks with a squeak function can be stabilized with an optional racing weight.

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