Mermaid Squeaky Rubber Duck – Schnabels


Mermaid Squeaky Rubber Duck by Schnabels.

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The infinite expanse of the sea, the magical play of colours of the water and a small Schnabels® copy in the middle, which seems to have its origin in Neptune’s world. This sweet mermaid wears star jewellery in flowing red hair, fish tail to plumage and has design protection. This little duck brings the magic of Atlantis and Co into everyday life and is a popular give away for young and old.

Measures Approximately: Length 8.5cm x Width 6.5cm x Height 7.5cm

Approximate Weight 42g

Squeaking function
Produces a squeaky noise when squeezing.

NB Limited floating ability
These ducks have limited floating properties and can tip over under certain circumstances due to their shape. Ducks with a squeak function can be stabilized with an optional racing weight.

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