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Learner Driver Squeaky Rubber Duck by Schnabels.

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The rubber duck, Learner, is not only the favourite of all driving schools and their pupils, but as a hero of mobility also makes a welcome mascot. The high-quality rubber duck can be employed as an amiable brand ambassador for all occasions. Beware collecting addiction risk! Feel good about using the certified rubber ducks from the Schnabels series for your promotions: For tradesmen, hotels, seminars & training, company parties and anniversaries, at work or as an ormanent at home.

Measures Approximately: Length 8cm x Width 7cm x Height 8cm

Approximate Weight 53g

Squeaking function
´╗┐Produces a squeaky noise when squeezing.

NB Limited floating ability
These ducks have limited floating properties and can tip over under certain circumstances due to their shape. Ducks with a squeak function can be stabilized with an optional racing weight.

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