Knuckles – Sonic the Hedgehog, Mini Tubbz

Knuckles Mini Tubbz Rubber Duck from the official Sonic The Hedgehog Highly Collectible Merchandise by Tubbz


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Knuckles – Sonic the Hedgehog, Mini Tubbz


Official Sonic the Hedgehog merchandise

Designed and manufactured by Numskull Designs

TUBBZ – your favourite video game, movie, TV show, and comic book characters come to life as cosplaying ducks.

Comes in a collector’s mini bathtub, featuring Sonic the Hedgehog logo.

Premium collectibles – highly detailed features and made from high quality PVC.

Mini TUBBZ – 50% smaller than standard sized TUBBZ.

Knuckles, known for his short temper, might kick off when he realises he’s a Mini TUBBZ. He’ll be fine with it when he realises how cool he looks.

Knuckles thinks his muscles have got smaller. He’s right, they have and that’s because he is half the size of his former TUBBZ self as he’s now a Mini TUBBZ. He’s still a powerhouse though, just a smaller one and is going to smash his way into collections.

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