Cretan Rubber Duck, Ducklin

Cretan Rubber Duck by Ducklin, themed on the Greek Island of Crete’s Cretan Costume worn by men.


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Cretan Rubber Duck, Ducklin


In the Greek island of Crete, the famous Cretan costume is still worn in some villages as men’s everyday wear. The men’s costume, first appeared during the 16th century and includes the so-called “sariki”, a crocheted black scarf, which is wrapped around the head and the “stivania”, the white boots complete the costume. The formal costume was richly embroidered in dark blue or black colours, always include a silver knife and a scarf. One of the favourite accessories of the Cretan folk clothing is the knife that adds some really authentic features.

Vinyl Duck
Size : 9(L) x 6(W) x 8(H) cm

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